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Center for Research and Study on Poverty and Sustainable Food Security (CREPSAD)


Established at the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Lomé in 1998, the Center for Research and Study on Poverty and Sustainable Food Security (CREPSAD) is the institutional outcome of twenty one years of experience acquired in conducting socio-economic studies and research in several fields, namely on poverty and food security, in order to provide a framework for meeting challenges facing African economies.


In collaboration with/or for national or international institutions such as UNDP, ADB, ACBF, AERC, AU, IFAD, NEPAD, IDB, FAO, EU, ILO, WAENU, Plan International, SADAOC, ETD, CIDR, GIZ, the mission of CREPSAD is to :

  • Carry out socio-economic, agricultural, economic and sociological studies and research,
  • Undertake agricultural development projects / programs identification, monitoring and evaluation,
  • Design and elaborate research and development projects/programs, in agriculture, livestock and fisheries
  • Organize Seminars/Workshops/Conferences in Various fields such as :
    • Poverty,
    • Rural development,
    • Agricultural. Livestock and fishery policy
    • Socio-economics,
    • Sustainable food security,
    • Means of existence,
    • Micro finance and Markets
    • Sustainable development.
    • Gender
    • Food security storage (local, national and food reserve)

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